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Cyhyraeth – Disgraced [REVIEW]

Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Cyhyraeth [Sigh·hear·ith] is a melodic death metal band from Dallas, Texas. They have been around since January 2012, and released their debut EP, Disgraced, on June 21, 2013. The album has six songs and roughly 25 minutes worth of materials. They have two vocalists, one being a Jessica for mostly clean singing, and another Alex for mostly screams. This adds a different aspect to the album, and it really adds to it. Cyhyraeth sounds to me, like a heavier version of Evanescence.
The introduction song, “Disgraced,” starts with two guitars playing and drums being played in the background. The rhythm guitar can be heard being played the most, as it overlaps the other guitar and the drums. I would consider this more of a “calm before the storm” type of song, as it is all instrumentals.
The third song is “Indoctrinate” and it starts with guitars and drums being played, and the guitar sound is melodic, like in “Disgraced.” High screams come in by Alex which are accompanyed by Jessica’s screams. Following this is the chorus, which shows off Jessica’s singing and is overlapping Alex’s high screams. The singing is not done in high notes, more of middle notes and calm singing (hard to describe). The song has an upbeat pace and it keeps up the same pace until 3:00, where a small break occurs. There are only instrumentals being played through this break. The break lasts until 4:00 and at that time it goes back into the chorus and eventually fades out to end the song.
“Mutation” is the fifth song on this album. Like previous songs, it starts with guitars and drums roaring in. It has a more of a thrash metal feel to it, as the pace and sound is very upbeat and fast. It also is the only song on Disgraced that sounds similar to old school metalcore. Alex’s screams come blaring in after the intro, which are followed by Jessica’s screams. This song has no singing by Jessica in it, which is something I actually miss, because I think her singing adds to Cyhyraeth, as it is very well done and never overdone.
Disgraced is a pretty good album. It has very little -core influence, but in some songs you can hear some old school metalcore influences. However, for the most part, it is melodic death metal through and through. Jessica’s singing really adds to the whole album and keeps it from sounding like a standard death metal band. I really don’t have anything bad to say about Disgraced or Cyhyraeth, except that I wish the album was a bit longer or that the introduction track was made into a whole song. All in all, if you want to hear a heavier version of Evanescence, or you’re into melodic death metal, or you’re just into female-fronted metal bands, then check out Cyhyraeth! Listen to it for free on their Bandcamp or pick it up (digitally) for $5.00!

Score: 3.5/5

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