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Cunt Cuntly – Planetary Termination [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Instrumental / Death Metal / Deathcore
Cunt Cuntly’s album Planetary Termination is a nice combination of death metal, deathcore, and with hints of trash metal. There seems to be no track list to this album (at least as far as I can tell via YouTube, Bandcamp, or their Facebook page), so I will be reviewing whatever comes up first with no name.
The first song starts out with an eerie sound that is in the background which is layered over top a melodic guitar tone. Sometimes you are unable to tell if the song is being played or not, due to it being so low. At around 2:00, the song picks up with guitar chugging and a progressive guitar sound/tone. The pace becomes faster and more upbeat with drums and guitars. There is a Rings of Saturn-like sounding guitar solo soon thereafter. Also, in some parts of the song there is synth to be heard subtly. The song ends off by fading out.
The following song starts with a sample of a man talking about outer space and the Earth. It transitions into guitar chugging quickly, a deathcore pace and sound. The pace becomes very fast and upbeat, with a guitar solo over lapping the instrumentals. The tone becomes more progressive overall, also there is some synth in some parts of the song. The man speaking sampler comes in every so often to speak about the planets. The song ends off by fading out, like the previous song.

Planetary Termination is a good deathcore album. I would classify it as a watered down version of Rings of Saturn’s instrumentals. The crazy guitar parts Rings of Saturn is known for can be heard hear, but not as overdone. There is also some nice piano/synth playing, and the overall sound of the songs are good. So! If you’re looking for something similar to Rings of Saturn, or just a fan of deathcore, check out Planetary Termination. It’s free to listen to (and download), so check it out!

Score: 3.5/5

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    this kid puts out an incredible ammount of good music…he has well over 100 songs on his youtube and most of it is really sick. i can see him being huge one day

  • Anonymous on

    His music is incredible. I’m actually in the process of working with him to put vocals on one of his songs.

    • Anonymous on

      what song? he has so many lol

  • Anonymous on

    Oh yeah this guy is awesome. 18 Albums so far. I’m working with him on a cover of Recreant.

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