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Crucify Me Gently – Inhumanitas [REVIEW]

Genre: Deathcore
Crucify Me Gently’s first track ever released “Inhumanitas” is from their upcoming EP Eternal Torments. It’s roughly four minutes long and filled with deathcore goodness. Right at the beginning, there is a guitar solo (reminds of me the Power Rangers theme song guitar solo a bit). Following that it turns into guitar chugging, low screams, and the usual deathcore sound. The song has a break at 2:00 with has another guitar solo, which is accompanied by blast beats and high screams. They seem to stray away from a typical deathcore sound, since there aren’t many breakdowns in this song. They replaced the parts where a breakdown would usually go with the guitar solos.
Inhumanitas is a step in the right direction for Crucify Me Gently. I believe that if their EP Eternal Torments is going to continue the similar style Inhumanitas has, it’s going to be a good EP and something I am definitely going to check out. Basically… if you’re into deathcore, you should listen to this track.
Score: 3.5 / 5
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