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Crucify Me Gently – Eternal Torments [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Deathcore
Eternal Torments is Crucify Me Gently’s debut album into the underground metal scene. I reviewed their debut single, “Inhumanitas” and it received a 3.5/5. Eternal Torments is a full-on deathcore album, which doesn’t stray from the deathcore sound at all. The album has six tracks and roughly 20 minutes worth of materials.
The second track is “Extinction” and it starts with very slow guitar chugging and low guttural-like screams for the introduction. It transitions into a more upbeat pace with the guitar work becoming a bit more technical, and the vocals changing between high screams and low screams. However, the slow guitar chugging is not completely removed, as that sound comes back at regular intervals in the song. The end of the song ends off with a sound similar to The Black Dahlia Murder, but a more deathcore-y The Black Dahlia Murder.

“Darkness Swallow Me” is the sixth and final track off of Eternal Torments. It starts out eerie noises in the background with an acoustic guitar playing over it. This doesn’t last long as it transitions into fast guitar chugging and low screams. The screams are a lot faster than they were in “Extinction” but in the same kind of style. Slow guitar chugging comes in pretty quickly being overlapped with a subtle melodic guitar sound. Near the end of the song, the eerie noises come back with a small guitar solo. The vocals change into the vocalist just speaking subtly and slowly. However, this doesn’t last too long, and it quickly transitions back into chugging guitars, low screams, and overall being the heavy deathcore sound.

Eternal Torments is a good deathcore album. It is a standard deathcore album with some subtle ambient/melodic elements put in. There really isn’t anything bad about this album, and with it being free, I think you should give it a listen and/or pick it up!

Score: 3/5

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