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Conjonctive – Until The Whole World Dies… [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Symphonic / Deathcore / Death Metal
Conjonctive’s debut album Until The Whole World Dies… is a good combination of symphonic death metal and deathcore. They have two vocalists, one being male and the other being female, and it makes for variety in the vocals heard on the album. The instrumentals vary from guitar chugging and a more technical sound. The album as a whole is really solid and I recommend anyone to pick it up if they’re into death metal or deathcore, because this album goes both ways. Moreover, the album is nine tracks in length and has about 30 minutes worth of materials.
“The Rise of the Black Moon” is the second song off of this album. This song has a more death metal feel to it, with some symphonic overtones. The vocals are mostly low screams for most of the song from Randy, with the exception of pig squeals and gutturals in some parts of the song. The vocals from Sonia are mostly mid screams with an exception of clean singing in some parts of the song. The instrumentals are very good and is something that stands out a lot. They vary from a technical death metal kind of sound, fast and upbeat, but will change into a guitar chugging deathcore sound in some other sections. There are a lot of blast beats, I mean, a lot of ’em. The overall sound and pace is fast, upbeat, and heavy.

The sixth song off of Until The Whole World Dies… is “Victoria’s Lake” and it has a stronger deathcore sound to it than ‘The Rise of the Black Moon” has. The vocals are of the same variety than they were in the previous song as well, except that Sonia has more vocal parts in this song. The vocals by Randy are basically gutturals and pig squeals throughout the entire song, but I am not one to complain about that as they’re very well done. The instrumentals stick to guitar chugging for majority of the song, with some breaks in between for guitar riffs. There are less blast beats in this song compared to the previous song as well.

Until The Whole World Dies… is a really solid album. It combines deathcore and death metal very well, and each song portrays a different genre that gives the listener a taste of both worlds. I really enjoyed this album and I look forward to their next release. The only thing I was not a big fan of was Sonia’s vocals. The vocals sounded like they lacked power behind them and there was no vocal range with her vocals either. I think with more practice and experimenting, her vocals can really improve and have more range in the next release. Other than that, I suggest you check out Conjonctive!

Score: 3.5/5

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