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Confession And Destruction Of A King Call It Quits

Hardcore/metal band, Confession and hardcore/punk band, Destruction of A King, called it quits today.

It’s odd to see two long-time established bands call it quits, it’s even odder to see it happen the same day. Anyway, moving forward. Today, via Confession’s Facebook, the band posted this.

I started this band in 2008 with the idea of continuing to do music and play shows. 7 years on, tours across Australia and the world i’m now sitting here with the idea that we’ve done enough and its time to move on. After 3 albums, 1 EP and a football side of ex members, confession has been my musical outlet and ill forever be grateful to everyone who’s supported the band and ever been apart of it. As far as music goes, this was always going to be my last ditch effort and once this was done i was done with being in a band. But it’s been great to be able to do what we have done, recorded some music and had loads of fun on the road. Not only that but meet some amazing friends along the way.

We will be booking a final tour soon, hopefully taking some friends along with us and hopefully see you at a show.. Thanks for the support people.

Everything Is Fucking Dead
Michael Crafter – Officially Retired…

Then, a few hours later, Destruction of A King posted this, via their Facebook as well, coupled with a YouTube video.

I guess there’s no easy way to say this. There’s no fancy reason or some crazy falling out. We feel this is for the best and we will be coming back as a new group to be announced later. Details on our last show will be announced later today.


All merch is on sale! Free shipping & Free key chain with code DOAKISDEAD @ www.DOAK.la

Well, at least there’s hope for DOAK fans, as they’re coming back with a new band at some point. Either way, sucks to seem ’em go, and best of luck to the musicians in their future endeavors.

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