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Cognitive – The Horrid Swarm [REVIEW]

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Genre: Death Metal
Cognitive’s 2012 release, The Horrid Swarm, is a five track, 15 minute EP, full of everything you could want from a death metal band. They do not stray from the death metal sound, but do incorporate some deathcore elements, like chugging, breakdowns, etc. The introduction song, “In The Form of a Drone” really shows you what to expect from the rest of this EP. It is more technical death metal than anything, with guitar work from Jake and Rob; really heavy low screams from Scheenier, similar to what you would hear in a brutal death metal song; fast-paced drums, similar to a grindcore song, from Mike, and the bass playing, by Petey, is the topping to this brutal track. This is my favorite song on this EP, and I strongly recommend you check it out.
The fifth and final track of this EP, “The Horrid Swarm” wraps up this EP well. It keeps up the sound and pace “In The Form of a Drone” had, and it does not let down anywhere. It still has the technical death metal sound with guitars, which is shown at 1:02 in the song with a guitar solo. However, this is not just a regular guitar solo, it is a guitar solo combined with a breakdown. Which is the first standing out part of the song, the second is a more prolonged guitar solo later on, starting at 1:50 and it takes you on a technical guitar adventure until the end of the song. I think this song serves as a great example of how well Jake and Rob play their instruments, and if you are a fan of great guitar playing, you should check out this song.
Album Score: 4.7 / 5
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