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Cognitive – Cognitive [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Technical Death Metal/Deathcore
New Jersey based technical death metal/deathcore act, Cognitive, has recently released their debut full length Cognitive through Pathologically Explicit. This album is the band’s second release, the first being their EP, The Horrid Swarm back in 2012, which I reviewed as well.
In a vague description, Cognitive is a combination of technical death metal with some deathcore aspects thrown in. But if you are to look deeper into the album, there is a lot more there. It is a very fast paced album, and if you are not paying attention, you may not even realize you listened to the entire thing. The combination of brutal sounding death metal and its “in your face” sound is prevalent is most of the album, like in “Cut The Fuck Up,” “World’s Beneath,” and “Fire from the Sky.” That’s not all they have in this album as they provide well done melodies in some of the tracks, like in “Affliction Humanity,” “Oceanic Erosion,” and “Regurgitated Existence.” But, that’s not all, there is great sounding groove elements, like in the song “Blood Hungry.”
If you are a fan of death metal and other sub-genres of metal; groove, technical, brutal death, melodic death, and deathcore. Then this album has everything you could possibly want out of an album. I definitely recommend this album to any fan of death metal. So! If this album sounds good to you, go pick it up from Pathologically Explicit’s Big Cartel (linked above)!Score: 5/5

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