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Causing The Exile – Dawn of The New Era [REVIEW]

Genre: Deathcore
Causing The Exile’s first EP, Dawn of The New Era, is a fast-paced, in-your-face, 15 minute barrage of deathcore. The introduction track, “A Sign of Grace,” is a slow and quiet track that prepares your ears for the barrage of guitar, drums, and brutal vocals that await the listener in the remaining tracks. “Dawn of The New Era,” is a heavy track that is a great follow-up of the introduction track. The next track, “Mass of Down” is a blend of technical guitar work, an excessive amount of bass pedal, and the typical death metal/deathcore vocals. It also has a massive breakdown near the end of the song, and afterwards are a handful of pig squeals to finish the track.
“Creating A Goddess,” the fourth track of the EP, is an overall heavy track all the way through however nothing stands out in the song. It is better judged as a whole and not as separate parts. The final track, “Daughters of Chaos” is the longest track on the EP. It starts as an in-your-face track; with vocals, guitar, and drums that pummel your ears with heaviness. Throughout this track a lot is to be heard; pig squeals, breakdowns, high screams and overall brutality. “Daughters of Chaos” ends the EP very well, and leaves you wanting to hear more from Causing The Exile.

Album Score: 4/5
Artwork: Arve Bjerkasholmen

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