Archives of the Dreamer – Loveless [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Metalcore/Hardcore
Loveless was released in January of this year and is Archives of the Dreamer’s debut EP. The band consists of four members and hails from Muncie, IN. This EP has six songs and roughly 20 minutes worth of listening materials.
The second song is “Ultimatum” and it is four minutes and eight seconds long. The pace of the song is upbeat from beginning to end. It varies between a slow and fast pace throughout the song, but is always upbeat. The instrumentals used in the song are mostly the same guitar riffs, except there are some parts for guitar chugging and breakdowns. It is pretty straightforward with its sound. Elijah, the vocalist, keeps to low screams and high screams, but the low screams are the main scream used in the song. Both screams sound very raw. Also, there is a BLEGH thrown in near the end.
The following song is “Your Betrayal” and its the shortest song on the album with it being about three minutes long. Like the previous song, the pace of the song is upbeat and varies between fast and slow paces. The instrumentals stay about the same, but has more melodic and progressive elements (which I like a lot). Elijah’s vocals stay about the same as “Ultimatum” as well, except there is a bit more shout-screaming thrown in. 
Loveless is a solid sounding metalcore/hardcore album. Everything works well together throughout the entire album, though it sometimes does get stale with the lack of variety between the vocals, same with the instrumentals. Overall, it’s worth giving a listen to and picking it up for your own price on their Bandcamp.

Score: 2.5/5

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At Night They Return – At Night They Return EP [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Deathcore
At Night They Return’s self-titled debut EP was released in January of this year. It has three songs and roughly 15 minutes worth of listening materials. The band itself are from Kingsport, Tennessee and consist of five members. At Night They Return bring straight deathcore with this EP and they don’t stray from that sound throughout the entire album. This could be a turn off for some, as it lacks variety, but a turn on for the fans of deathcore.
“Anal Bead Rosery” is the second song off their album. The pace is medium going being not too fast or really too slow. Instrumentally it sticks to guitar chugging for majority of the song, with the exception of some breakdowns here and there. The two type of screams used are high screams and low screams, the latter being the main type of scream used. I prefer the low screams over the high screams because they sound more powerful and raw. 
At Night They Return EP is something that the fans of raw, and sometimes fast, deathcore would enjoy. The band keep to the guitar chugging sound for the entire album, except for breakdowns through each individual song. I am a fan of variety, so I enjoy a lot of different sounds, vocals, instrumentals, etc being used throughout a song or album. This is what lacks here. Also, usually bands who are straight deathcore tend to be over-the-top heavy, loud, brutal, etc to have their music standout amongst the sea of deathcore bands. At Night The Return does provide a lot of heavy sounding vocals and instrumentals, but they didn’t quite make it to the “over the top” level that fans tend to gravitate to. Overall, the EP is solid and it’s worth a listen to and the price tag, so pick it up!

Score: 3/5

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Pangaea – Unified [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Melodic Metalcore/Math

Pangaea’s debut release Unified is set to release on March 1, 2014. They sent me an early copy to review, and I am glad that they did. This album reminds me of an old All That Remains, but a bit more heavier and with more melodic and math influences. Unified has four songs and roughly 20 or so minutes worth of listening materials. As of this review, there is nowhere to pre-order the album, but more than likely will be up on their Facebook page on the day of release.

The third song is “Panoptas” and it’s about three minutes long, the shortest song off of the EP. The pace of the song is upbeat, with the exception of some parts here and there that are less upbeat and slow. This song has a melodic influence throughout the entire song, and it reminds me of old school metalcore (prior to the popularity of guitar chugging). There are parts with some minor guitar chugging and small breakdowns. The vocals vary from high screams, mid screams, and clean singing. Mid screams are the most used scream and there are very, very good. They sound powerful and raw. The singing is well done as well, not high pitched sounding, and is also in only one portion of the song.

The following song is “Oneironaut” and it’s a little over five minutes long. This song is upbeat but is a lot slower compared to the previous song. It is a lot more melodic than the other songs as well, which you can hear from the beginning of the song. There are parts with more riff-age, guitar chugging, and some small breakdowns here and there. There is also a guitar solo about midway through the song, and near the end of the song, it becomes more math-y sounding. Vocally, it sticks to the same as “Panoptas” did, but with more high screams and clean singing. Neither are overdone in the song, and there is a nice balance between the three types of vocals; high screams, mid screams, and clean singing.

Unified is a good and solid metalcore album with influences from math metal and melodic metal. The way Pangaea combines those three types of music is very well done. If you are into old school metalcore, melodic metalcore, metalcore with math metal influences, and so and so fourth, definitely check out this EP when it drops on March 1st!

Score: 4/5

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Left To The Wolves – War Upon The Modern Age [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Deathcore/Death Metal
Left To The Wolves’ is a deathcore band from Lexington, Kentucky. War Upon The Modern Age is their debut EP, and it was released on January 12, 2013. The album has five songs and roughly 20 minutes worth of listening material. The sound of the album is pretty straight forward deathcore, with a mix of modern death metal. Also there are some melodic progressive tones here and there between the individual songs. 
“War Upon The Modern Age” is the title song from this EP, and it is the third song on the album. The pace of the song is upbeat and fast, and it never really lets up. It sticks to a lot of guitar riff-age throughout the song, with the exception of some guitar chugging here and there. This song has a nice mix of the two, not one is overdone or underdone, and makes it a lot less boring to listen to compared to some deathcore songs out there. The vocals vary between low screams and high screams, and the low screams are what is used the most in the song. Both type of screams sound good, but the high screams have a black metal-like sound to them. This only adds to how good they sound.
The following song is “The Scars of Time” and the pace of the song is a bit different if compared to the previous song. For the first 40 or so seconds, it is a slow build up, but breaks quickly into an upbeat and fast pace. There is a bit more guitar chugging and overall standard deathcore sound in this song, but they do not stray away from a death metal sound with guitar riffs, blast beats, etc. The low screams and high screams are just as good in this song than the last as well, and the former being used the most than the latter.
War Upon The Modern Age is an album mixed with modern death metal and deathcore. Some of the songs have more modern death, and some have more deathcore. It’s the best of both worlds with this album, and that is something I really enjoy. The vocals are good and work well with every song. I definitely recommend you giving Left To The Wolves’ debut EP a listen, and if you have a spare five dollar bill lying around, definitely pick it up.
Score: 3.5/5
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Invert The Idols – Manufactured Apocalypse [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Slam/Deathcore
Invert The Idols debut EP Manufactured Apocalypse released on February 4, 2014. It has seven songs and about 20 minutes worth of listening materials. The EP is a mix of deathcore, and slam death metal, so there is something for both lovers of their respective genre. The album is short, each song being around three minutes long, except for the third song. So, you may be able to listen through the album without even noticing you had.
The second song is “Force Fed” and the pace of the song changes a bit from the introduction to the actual song. The introduction’s pace is quite slow, but it then turns into a very upbeat and face past, in slam fashion. The pace varies throughout the entire song. The sound of the song has little to no deathcore influence, and it sounds like a pure slam death metal song, which I don’t mind. Instrumentally, all that can be heard is blast beats and guitar riffs and not much else. It is a bit slow going in some parts, but faster in others. The vocals used are low screams and high screams, but are very raw and strong sounding. The former is what is used the most in this song.
The next song for review is “Kings of Locusts” and it’s the fourth song from the EP. The pace of the song is a lot faster than “Force Fed,” as from the start it goes straight into a fast paced barrage of brutality. Like the previous song as well, the sound of it is mostly slam death metal with little to no deathcore influence. The instrumentals are roughly the same as well, and the same kind of vocals are used. To sum it up, there isn’t much variety from “Force Fed” when compared to this song.
Manufactured Apocalypse is a slam death metal album that lacks variety between some songs, but in others the band changes it up a bit. The difference being that some of the songs sound like slam death metal, and the others sounding more like deathcore (see “Eviscerated and Skinned”). Also, not really about the music but the EP is quite short for seven songs. Overall, Manufactured Apocalypse is a solid slam/deathcore EP that is worth the $5 price tag. So give a listen on their Bandcamp page, and if you have money lying around, pick it up!

Score: 3/5

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