The Brothers Highhorse – A Graveyard for Lunatics [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Deathcore
The Brothers Highhorse’s newly released single “A Graveyard for Lunatics” is roughly four minutes long. They combine some elements of black metal, mostly heard in the vocals, with standard deathcore. The pace of the song is fast, and the instrumentals change through the song. In the beginning to about midway through, they have a fast-going death metal sound, then transition into a more melodic one for a small amount of time. However, quickly transition back to the fast-going death metal sound with symphonic elements for the rest of the song. The vocals used are black metal-like high screams and low screams.
The only thing you can notice about this song right away is the poor audio quality, and I think that takes a lot away from the song itself. If the band were to release a new song in the future with better audio quality, I believe it would sound a whole lot better. Other than that, it is a solid song with variety.Score: 3/5

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Subdivisions – Breaking The Fourth Wall [REVIEW]

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Genre(s): Progressive/Hardcore/Power Violence

Breaking The Fourth Wall is Subdivisions first music release of the new year. The EP has six songs and roughly 30 minutes worth of listening materials. There are influences on a few different genres throughout the album, mainly death metal and hardcore. They keep up the same kind of upbeat pace throughout each song, except for two songs; the longest song on the album “Tremors 3” which could be considered an interlude, as it combined melodic instrumental sounds with the band’s normal hardcore song, and the fifth song “Leap of a Whale from the Water.”
The sound is each song is roughly the same besides the two listed which is a combination of sometimes progressive sounds, chuggy giffs, and or an experimental/mathcore kind of sound. A good example would be the song “Crippler.” The vocals through the album seldom change, mainly mid screams and high screams. Overall, the album is okay and is worth checking out.Score: 2.5/5

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Through Lifeless Eyes – Monsters In Every Man [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Melodic/Progressive/Metalcore/Deathcore
Monsters In Every Man is Through Lifeless Eyes’ debut album which was released in January of this year. The album consists of 12 songs and roughly is 40 minutes in length. Through Lifeless Eyes provides a few different types of metalcore throughout the album, like progressive and melodic. Also, in some parts, they completely go over the line into sounding deathcore. The variety they bring to the table within this album is something I really enjoy.
The fifth song is “Apophis” and it has a steady, and sometimes upbeat, pace. The song’s instrumentals transition between being melodic, progressive, and guitar chuggy. It sometimes transitions from metalcore to deathcore, this can be heard the most near the end of the song. The vocals keep to the three main types of screams; high, mid, and low. The mid scream is used the most, the high scream is heard in well placed portions of the song, and the low screams are mainly heard near the end of the song. Overall, the transitions between different types of sounds and sometimes genres are well done, and if you had to listen to only one song from this album, this should be it.
“Destroyer of Worlds” is the ninth song and it has an upbeat, and mostly fast, pace. Instrumentally it sticks to guitar chugging and progressive sounds. Like the previous song, Through Lifeless Eyes transitions from metalcore to deathcore in some parts of the song, more heard in the beginning of the song. The same type of vocals are used in this song as they were in “Apophis” with the exception that Jon uses more low screams in this song. 
Monsters In Every Man is well worth the ‘name your price’ price tag with the variety it brings to the table with every song, and it having 12 songs alone is worth the purchase. This album is one of those good albums that may got unnoticed by the masses, and only a selected few who went out there way to find it will really enjoy it. Definitely give this album a listen and a purchase if you’re into variety in your metalcore.

Score: 4/5

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Archives of the Dreamer – Loveless [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Metalcore/Hardcore
Loveless was released in January of this year and is Archives of the Dreamer’s debut EP. The band consists of four members and hails from Muncie, IN. This EP has six songs and roughly 20 minutes worth of listening materials.
The second song is “Ultimatum” and it is four minutes and eight seconds long. The pace of the song is upbeat from beginning to end. It varies between a slow and fast pace throughout the song, but is always upbeat. The instrumentals used in the song are mostly the same guitar riffs, except there are some parts for guitar chugging and breakdowns. It is pretty straightforward with its sound. Elijah, the vocalist, keeps to low screams and high screams, but the low screams are the main scream used in the song. Both screams sound very raw. Also, there is a BLEGH thrown in near the end.
The following song is “Your Betrayal” and its the shortest song on the album with it being about three minutes long. Like the previous song, the pace of the song is upbeat and varies between fast and slow paces. The instrumentals stay about the same, but has more melodic and progressive elements (which I like a lot). Elijah’s vocals stay about the same as “Ultimatum” as well, except there is a bit more shout-screaming thrown in. 
Loveless is a solid sounding metalcore/hardcore album. Everything works well together throughout the entire album, though it sometimes does get stale with the lack of variety between the vocals, same with the instrumentals. Overall, it’s worth giving a listen to and picking it up for your own price on their Bandcamp.

Score: 2.5/5

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At Night They Return – At Night They Return EP [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Deathcore
At Night They Return’s self-titled debut EP was released in January of this year. It has three songs and roughly 15 minutes worth of listening materials. The band itself are from Kingsport, Tennessee and consist of five members. At Night They Return bring straight deathcore with this EP and they don’t stray from that sound throughout the entire album. This could be a turn off for some, as it lacks variety, but a turn on for the fans of deathcore.
“Anal Bead Rosery” is the second song off their album. The pace is medium going being not too fast or really too slow. Instrumentally it sticks to guitar chugging for majority of the song, with the exception of some breakdowns here and there. The two type of screams used are high screams and low screams, the latter being the main type of scream used. I prefer the low screams over the high screams because they sound more powerful and raw. 
At Night They Return EP is something that the fans of raw, and sometimes fast, deathcore would enjoy. The band keep to the guitar chugging sound for the entire album, except for breakdowns through each individual song. I am a fan of variety, so I enjoy a lot of different sounds, vocals, instrumentals, etc being used throughout a song or album. This is what lacks here. Also, usually bands who are straight deathcore tend to be over-the-top heavy, loud, brutal, etc to have their music standout amongst the sea of deathcore bands. At Night The Return does provide a lot of heavy sounding vocals and instrumentals, but they didn’t quite make it to the “over the top” level that fans tend to gravitate to. Overall, the EP is solid and it’s worth a listen to and the price tag, so pick it up!

Score: 3/5

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