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Invert The Idols – Manufactured Apocalypse [REVIEW]


Genre(s): Slam/Deathcore
Invert The Idols debut EP Manufactured Apocalypse released on February 4, 2014. It has seven songs and about 20 minutes worth of listening materials. The EP is a mix of deathcore, and slam death metal, so there is something for both lovers of their respective genre. The album is short, each song being around three minutes long, except for the third song. So, you may be able to listen through the album without even noticing you had.
The second song is “Force Fed” and the pace of the song changes a bit from the introduction to the actual song. The introduction’s pace is quite slow, but it then turns into a very upbeat and face past, in slam fashion. The pace varies throughout the entire song. The sound of the song has little to no deathcore influence, and it sounds like a pure slam death metal song, which I don’t mind. Instrumentally, all that can be heard is blast beats and guitar riffs and not much else. It is a bit slow going in some parts, but faster in others. The vocals used are low screams and high screams, but are very raw and strong sounding. The former is what is used the most in this song.
The next song for review is “Kings of Locusts” and it’s the fourth song from the EP. The pace of the song is a lot faster than “Force Fed,” as from the start it goes straight into a fast paced barrage of brutality. Like the previous song as well, the sound of it is mostly slam death metal with little to no deathcore influence. The instrumentals are roughly the same as well, and the same kind of vocals are used. To sum it up, there isn’t much variety from “Force Fed” when compared to this song.
Manufactured Apocalypse is a slam death metal album that lacks variety between some songs, but in others the band changes it up a bit. The difference being that some of the songs sound like slam death metal, and the others sounding more like deathcore (see “Eviscerated and Skinned”). Also, not really about the music but the EP is quite short for seven songs. Overall, Manufactured Apocalypse is a solid slam/deathcore EP that is worth the $5 price tag. So give a listen on their Bandcamp page, and if you have money lying around, pick it up!

Score: 3/5

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Ophidius – The Throat of the World [REVIEW]


Genre(s): Instrumental / Technical Death Metal
Ophidius is a instrumental death metal band, which is inspired by the video game series Elder Scrolls. The album itself is inspired by The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Their 2013 release, The Throat of the World is four tracks in length, and has about 25 minutes worth of listening materials. 
“Where To Hang Your Enemy’s Head” is the third song off of this EP. The pace of the song is really upbeat and very fast, from the second you start the song you’re bombarded with trash-like sounding technical death metal. The song varies between sounds, sometimes it is extremely technical and sounds similar to Rings of Saturn in some parts. But in other parts, it is melodic, and in others, just straight death metal with a lot of blast beats. Near the middle of the song, there is a progressive sounding breakdown as well.
The following song is “Discerning The Transmundane” and it is the final song on the album. The pace of this song, like the previous one, is really upbeat. It is a bit slower than the previous song as well, but in some parts it matches it in speed. Though the instrumentals in this song are similar in description than “Where To Hang Your Enemy’s Head,” the song sounds very different. They keep to their technical sounding instrumentals, with some exceptions for some melodic portions, deathcore portions, and some power metal parts here and there. 
The Throat of the World is an album that is had to describe because there is so much to describe about it. The entire album takes the listener on an adventure, similar to what Skyrim does for the player. Each song sounds different, and that is something I really like, because a lot of instrumental albums will keep the same sound throughout the entire album. This is not the case here. To sum it up, this album is fucking good and I recommend you giving it a listen. It’s name your price on their Bandcamp page, so you have no reason not to download it.

Score: 4.5/5

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Shokran releases preview to new album Supreme Truth


Earlier today, djent band Shokran, releases a preview video for their upcoming new alum Supreme Truth. The album is set to release February 22, 2014. There is currently no pre-orders up for the album, so be on the look out for that. This album is their second new album, Sixth Sense being their first release. If you’re into progressive metalcore, or djent, you will enjoy Shokran.

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Assyria – Ardenti [REVIEW]


Genre(s): Deathcore

Assyria’s first single of 2014 is “Ardenti” and it’s a fucking banger of a song. The pace of the song is slow going, similar to what you would hear in a down tempo song, but there are some parts that are a lot faster than others. Instrumentally, it sticks to a guitar chugging type of sound for majority of the song, with the exception of a minor guitar solo in part of the song. There is also a massive breakdown near the end of the song. The vocals used are low screams and high screams, the former being used the most. The low screams are very, very low, raw, and sound like they have a lot of power behind them. The high screams are similar to the low screams in the sense that they are raw and powerful sounding. Overall, “Ardenti” is one hell of a deathcore song, and I recommend any deathcore fan to give it a listen!

Score: 4/5

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Conscious Control – Feed The Machine [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Melodic Death Metal
Conscious Control’s debut EP, Feed The Machine, has five songs and roughly 20 or so minutes of listening materials. The EP isn’t officially released as of this writing, however, it will be released on February 21, 2014 at their CD release show. Therefore, the songs listed on their Soundcloud are just bits of the full EP, to get a taste of it before purchasing it. Conscious control is a melodic death metal band that hails from Melbourne, Australia.
The first song for review is “Apex.” The pace of the song is upbeat, but not overly fast paced. The instrumentals sound very melodic for majority of the song, except there are some breaks here and there. The vocals that are used is high screams and low screams, the former being the main vocal style used in the song. I like the use of the high screams being the main vocal style, because Scott’s highs sound better than his lows. But, his lows are good too and are well placed in the song.
The second and final song for review is “Prisoner.” When this song is compared to the previous song reviewed, the pace is a bit slower and is nowhere near as fast paced. Instrumentally, it is still very melodic, but with the slower pace, the listener can really hear all the melodic elements and sounds used throughout the song. In the introduction and near the middle of the song, there are purely instrumentals used. The former is a build-up for the actual song, and the latter is a guitar solo. The vocals are roughly the same as “Apex” as well, but Scott doesn’t use low screams too much for this song. Like stated before, Scott’s high screams sound great and fit well with Conscious Control’s sound.
Feed The Machine is a melodic death metal album that provides some awesome instrumentals and fitting vocals. Some of the songs are a bit faster and heavier as others, but that provides a good mix of slow and fast songs for the listener. This EP is Concious Control’s first EP, and it sets the pace for the band really well. I highly recommend you checking out Feed The Machine, and picking up the album when it goes up to purchase. It’s some really good melodic death metal.

Score: 4.5/5

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