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Interview with Dethrone the Sovereign!

PSAB: Dethrone the Sovereign brings fresh sounds to the progressive metal table that can’t be overlooked. How do you collectively approach music writing and bring it together? I have heard of some bands where one or two members write all of the music and the other members simply play what’s given to them. Incorporating a synth can be tricky, so I’m curious to hear how you tackle the creative process.

DTS: It’s usually a pretty collaborative writing process, everyone will write at least their own part to go along with something. Even if they didn’t have a hand in writing the part itself. Jake, our synth player, has been in the band since the beginning so incorporating it is easy. Quite a few parts we’ll actually start writing around a synth line or a chord progression, so it’s pretty much ingrained in our sound at this point.

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Interview with Cory Judd from A Night in Texas!

PSAB: What brought about this unholy split?

Cory: We had always seen a lot of kids talking about ‘A Night In Texas’ & ‘Angelmaker’ doing a split and we never really thought about the idea too much. When our new vocalist Ethan Lucas joined the band were we really pumped to get some new material out there but didn’t have a whole album ready. We saw this release as an opportunity to show people a taste of our new direction while we are still in the writing process of our second album. Read more

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