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Cap De Craniu – I’ll Kill If I Live [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Death Metal / Grindcore
Cap De Craniu’s album I’ll Kill If I Live is a combination of old school death metal, grindcore, trash metal, and deathcore. The album itself has 13 tracks and nearly 50 minutes worth of material, which really gives you your moneys worth.
The seventh song on this album, “Reason Is Dead” and it starts out with a lot of blast beats and high screams. It does have guitar chugging, but not the deathcore/metalcore kind. The song’s pace is the combination of blast beats, guitar riffs and chugging, and high screams. This pace doesn’t really change throughout the entire song, except at 2:40 which at that time there is a guitar solo until 3:08. Dragos, the vocalist, has a lot of range in this song and his screams are really good: high screams, low screams, and pig squeals.
“The Stone Thrower” is the eleventh song and it starts out the same way “Reason Is Dead” did, with blast beats and high screams. It transitions into guitar chugging and low screams by Dragos, but this only lasts for a little bit. Soon thereafter it starts to speed up and the guitar sound changes. The song continues to the same speedy pace until 2:30, at that time a breakdown happens and lasts until 2:45. It goes back into its normal pace for a little bit, and then to end the song there is a breakdown.
This album is pretty good, and I like how there are different elements from different genres used. There really isn’t anything bad about this album, except the audio quality could be improved. If you’re into death metal, or grindcore, or deathcore, or even thrash metal, you should give this album a listen.
Score. 3.5 / 5
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