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Review: Calling//Cause – With Concrete Feet and Open Seas

The Calling//Cause quartet, successfully delivers a classic 2000’s post-hardcore/metalcore feel. Listening to With Concrete Feet And Open Seas is nostalgic, catchy and aggressive.

The EP opens with a heavy metalcore-esq riff from the sole guitarist Cody Ford. After an eight measure riff-filled intro, Ross Autry makes an entrance with a series of growls and guttural-dry sounding higher screams. Overall, Autry does a great job throughout and has quite a few impressive verses.

One of the first things you’re bound to notice on With Concrete Feet And Open Seas are the pop-punk vocals. Kody MacPhearson’s singing can take some getting used to; it’s not as polished as some bigger named acts, but that shouldn’t deter you- the singing fits the music. Save for a very few moments, MacPhearson’s singing blend very well with Autry and the rest of the music.

Instrumentally, the EP is solid. There’s plenty of concert-minded bridges and buildups, as well as straight heavy verses. The drums are great, but nothing revolutionary- Austin Wagner knows what he’s doing and he does it well. You won’t likely hear anything ridiculously original, but With Concrete Feet And Open Seas pulls together everything good about metalcore and post-hardcore, and compiles it onto five short songs- heavy breakdowns (“Moments“), catchy choruses (“Hey Kids, Try This At Home“) and even an acoustic song (“The Great Blonde Buffalo“).

Overall, With Concrete Feet And Open Seas is a easy album to recommend to anyone who fell in love with early metalcore bands and post-hardcore. When trying to find a popular band to compare Calling//Cause to, I keep coming back to A Day To Remember. The similarities in how quickly the album can turn from really catchy and upbeat, to heavy and angry is astonishing and impressive.


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