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Burning Down Paris – Rebirth In Pestilence [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Deathcore
Burning Down Paris’s first and new single for 2013 is “Rebirth In Pestilence.” It is only two minutes and forty-eight seconds in length, so a very short song. Burning In Paris has not changed their beatdown-like deathcore sound from their previous release Burning In Paris released in 2012. However, they do have a different line-up.

The song starts out with eerie noises that quickly lead up to guitar chugging and low screams. The sound keeps the same for most of the beginning of the song, but at 1:20 the sound transitions into a more upbeat and fast pace sound. Also, the vocals change to high screams instead of low screams. This difference in sound and pace is short lived as it quickly goes back to the original sound it had; chuggy guitars and low screams. 

“Rebirth In Pestilence” is a short-burst of energy and it’s definitely short lived. There isn’t really any stand out parts in the song. It’s an okay song, and that’s really it. I am expecting the EP this single comes from will have better songs, and I believe “Rebirth In Pestilence” is just the one okay song out of the bunch. If you’re looking for chuggy deathcore, this is the song you’re looking for.

Score. 2.5/5

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