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Breeding Violence – Admordeo [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Melodic Metalcore
Breeding Violence’s album Admordeo is a combination of thrash, metalcore, and some influences of death metal. The instrumentals on this album are decent, and the vocals are iffy in some of the songs. The audio quality is okay, not the best, but you can still hear just about everything going on in the songs. 
“AVP” is the first song off of this album. This song has some groove influences, which can be heard by the instrumentals. The vocals could definitely improve in this song, in some of the faster parts of the song, it sounds like the vocalist is just screaming into the microphone with no pronunciation. I think this reason alone drags the song down a lot.
“Drown” is the third song which followed “Underground.” “Drown” continues the similar instrumental sound “AVP” had but it has a bit more guitar chugging. The vocals used are better as well, primarily low and mid screams used throughout. However, there is some singing in the chorus but it is more “talk singing” than anything. 
Admordeo is an okay album. There really isn’t anything that stands out in this album, the vocals are poor in some songs but better in others. The instrumentals are okay and have a good amount of variety with each individual song. Audio quality could definitely be improved, which may make the whole album sound better. All in all, I think Breeding Violence could improve and their next release will be better.

Score: 2.5/5

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