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Bow Messiah – Maggots Consuming A Decayed Planet [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Deathcore / Death Metal
Bow Messiah is very knew to the scene, and they’re not very known. However, their debut EP Maggots Consuming A Decayed Planet is something that every deathcore fan should check out. It sticks to the usual deathcore guitar chugging sound, but done in an overly heavy fashion. Also, it has brutal death metal/deathcore sounding vocals mixed in with the instrumentals; which makes for a great combination. If Acrania had a little brother, it would be Bow Messiah.
The second song off of this EP is “Perfect Virus.” It is a bit more technical sounding, which can be firstly heard in the introduction of the song. But, it doesn’t stray away from the guitar chugging sound Bow Messiah does so well. The pace of the song is upbeat and fast, which I really like. Vocally, it sticks to low screams and high screams. The low screams are combined with gutturals, and it makes for some awesome sounding low screams. The high screams are good, but don’t stand out as much as the low screams. 
The following track is “Religious Declined” and it hits you like a ton of bricks from start to finish. It keeps to the same pace as the previous song. But, it is fast and upbeat from the get-go, instead of having that pace coming in partway through the song. It a bit less technical instrumentally, but they replace it with over the top breakdowns. Vocals are about the same, but I don’t expect too much variety from one song to another for vocals. The vocals are great, and I rather them not change.
Maggots Consuming A Decayed Planet is a heavy, brutal, technical, stomp someone’s face into the ground, sounding album. It has everything that a deathcore fan could want in an album, and it is surprising to see a mostly unknown band to come out with something so, fucking, good. The two songs I covered is only the tip of the iceberg. So, basically, if you’re into deathcore, technical deathcore, death metal, brutal vocals, and/or Acrania, check out Bow Messiah and this EP. It’s $8 for a digital copy, and $10 for a hard copy.

Score: 4/5

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