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Review: Bhayanak Maut – Man

Bhayanak Maut is a conceptual metal band from India. Man is the last part of their cancer life-cycle trilogy. The album contains the theme that mankind is the “biggest cancer to have ever existed,” in their own words.  It can be listened to on Spotify, Bandcamp, and purchased from their website.

Man has a lot of great riffs and a lot of good moments. It is a fairly long album with 17 songs; one of which is 31 minutes long. What stuck out to me at first were the snare drum and the guitar tone. The guitar has a beefy and appropriately distorted sound that just fits perfectly with the angry vocals. Everything on this album hits hard from intros to endings. None of the songs are too long and they sure keep you interested. There are brief songs that break you away from the depressing and frustrating reality of mankind’s destruction.

The general concept of hating man is clearly heard and it’s just great. There is a lot of emotion in the songs and I actually got the vibe that Bhayanak Maut is somewhat bitter towards the world, but perhaps that is just their passion seeping through. It is difficult to describe exactly what is going on in the album because there is too much. Though Bhayanak Maut describes themselves as just a conceptual metal band, I hear death metal, metalcore, groove metal elements, and some band influences/references in many of the songs. For example, in “Now, Creation. Forever, Destruction” I am reminded of Bleeding Through and The Haunted with some of the riffs and song progression, yet the band has their own style that separates themselves from other bands.  This song has fast and aggressive parts and the less aggressive parts (which are the ones that reminded me of Bleeding Through). Contrasting to “Now, Creation. Forever, Destruction.” is the song “For Science.” “For Science” is one of the angrier songs off of Man. It kicks off and doesn’t stop kicking for a solid 4 minutes and 10 seconds. The cymbals and bass sounded extra thick on this track, it was rather relentless.

In the tune of relentlessness and aggression is “Princest.” This is a favorite of mine as it is one of the best representations of Bhayanak Maut’s music. The riffs are fast, heavy, and technical. The vocals are mean. The drumming is hard, loud, and present. This song sort of reminds me of Soulfly because of the vocals and the way strange noises play along to some charmed chugging.
If I had to pick a favorite from Man it would either be “Suture” or “Princest.” Both songs are similar but have different elements and different intentions. It’s intriguing to hear an album have so many twists and turns, yet stay cohesive and sound like it is all on the same album. I think the album was well done; production wise and musically. I want to thank Kunal Choksy or contacting me and bringing Bhayanak Maut to my attention; he works on the website Transcending Obscurity. I highly recommend this album if you like anything I have mentioned at all. It is not disappointing and is worth the time to listen to. Just like many other albums I have heard, I would’ve done without the mellow and calming songs like “Stage 1: Trema” and “Stage 2: Apophany,” but I understand how it fits in Man. If you like musical breaks in albums like that then this album would be that much better for you. Excellent album though.

Rate: 8.8/10

You can buy Man through iTunes now!

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