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  • TheOmega on

    First i have to say i was unbearably disappointed when Colin Jeffs left, he was a fuckin beast. His growls were fuckin demonic sounding and a few songs on servitude i would say they bordered on gutturals. Anyways whenever you really like a vocalist it doesn’t matter who ends up replacing them, even if they wind-up being just as good, you generally maintain that “pfffttt he’s okay, he’s no where close to the old vocalist though” perception usually for a while. Of course 99% of the time as soon as an album comes out with the new vocalist you switch over to “Okay…. he’s pretty good, i mean he’s better than i thought he was gonna be” perception lol. With that all being said, i’ve moved past the “not as good as the old vocalist” stage and I have to say i was more than impressed with Erebus. Of course, i have listened to Aversions Crown since started and have never been disappointed. They are *one of* the only “AlienCore” bands lol, and they have such a badass and unique sound that no other band can even come close to their style.
    Lastly……. i couldn’t help but notice that this happened to be the second single they released, which i know what most people are thinking, “yeah, what the fuckin does that have to do with anything?”…. well….. it took me about 30 seconds after i finished listening to Erebus for the first time and then this unparalleled feeling of deja vu completely engulfed me, for it was right then that i recalled THIS EXACT SITUATION O____O……..
    Still not ringing a bell to some of you? Well let me go ahead and lay it out for you as straight forward as possible….
    Servitude – 2011……
    Overseer and Hollow Planet – 2013…..
    Tyrant – One Eternity Later -________-
    I can only hope that this is not the same sorta situation, because having to wait for Tyrant brought me VEEEEEEEERY close to a homicidal rampage >=(

    • dennis on

      If you can’t understand the lyrics then what good does it do you? The metal’s good but that’s about as far as it goes as a concept. Alien Deathcore though?

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