Live Interview with Skelentonwitch!


Facebook – Genre(s): Symphonic/Blackened Death Metal – Location: Athens, OHOne of our live interviewers, Adrian, caught up with Skeletonwitch at one of their shows in his area. Check out the interview below!

PSAB: How did the name “SkeletonWitch” come about?

SW: Well, I’m not an original member, but I believe Nate was the one who came up with it, and I think it was basically, “These two words sound cool together, let’s use it”.

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Existential Animals Tour!

Existential Tour Poster

3/20 Fort Wayne, IN – O’Sullivans

3/22 Brooklyn, NY – Palisades

3/24 Washington, DC – Electric Maid

3/25 Baltimore, MD – The Sidebar

4/3 Cleveland, OH – The Roc Bar

4/11 Oberlin, OH – The SCO

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Live Interview with Forty Winters!


Facebook – Genre(s): Deathcore/Hardcore – Location: Coral Springs, FLAdrian, one our live interviews, caught up with Xavier, the front man of Forty Winters recently at one of their shows in Adrian’s area. Check out the interview below!

PSAB: Since your release of “Isolation” back in October 2013, has the band been working on a full length album?

FW: Absolutely, we are more than half way done writing our sophomore album.

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Interview with Spawned From Hate!


Facebook – Genre(s): Brutal Death Metal/Slam – Location: Nottingham/Birmingham/Midlands/London

PSAB: Where does the name “Spawned From Hate” come from?

SFH: The name was thought up by Daniel Brookes who was the original guitarist, unfortunately he left the band very early on but we liked the name so kept using it

PSAB: Can you give use an ETA when your EP Accelerated Butchery comes out?
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Review: Stick To Your Guns – Disobedient

Review by Andrew W.
STYG are 5 piece melodic hardcore band from California and have been involved in the scene since 2003. Disobedient is the bands 5th full length studio album and it was released on February 10th, 2015 through Sumerian Records. Disobedient was produced by John Feldman (BVB, SWS, WCAR.)This record features a total of 11 songs with a surprisingly short run time of only 31 minutes. In this 31 minutes it is packed with many hardcore favorite guests such as Scott Vogel of Terror, Walter Delgado or Rotting Out, and more. The lyrics often talk about the hardships of life making it hit home for many. It seems with angsty lyrics like these that it is aimed more towards a teenage audience. The production is nothing special or over the top – which certainly is not a bad thing. It sounds raw, but not too raw. It sounds well produced, but not over produced and over edited making it very listenable for most.

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