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At Night They Return – At Night They Return EP [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Deathcore
At Night They Return’s self-titled debut EP was released in January of this year. It has three songs and roughly 15 minutes worth of listening materials. The band itself are from Kingsport, Tennessee and consist of five members. At Night They Return bring straight deathcore with this EP and they don’t stray from that sound throughout the entire album. This could be a turn off for some, as it lacks variety, but a turn on for the fans of deathcore.
“Anal Bead Rosery” is the second song off their album. The pace is medium going being not too fast or really too slow. Instrumentally it sticks to guitar chugging for majority of the song, with the exception of some breakdowns here and there. The two type of screams used are high screams and low screams, the latter being the main type of scream used. I prefer the low screams over the high screams because they sound more powerful and raw. 
At Night They Return EP is something that the fans of raw, and sometimes fast, deathcore would enjoy. The band keep to the guitar chugging sound for the entire album, except for breakdowns through each individual song. I am a fan of variety, so I enjoy a lot of different sounds, vocals, instrumentals, etc being used throughout a song or album. This is what lacks here. Also, usually bands who are straight deathcore tend to be over-the-top heavy, loud, brutal, etc to have their music standout amongst the sea of deathcore bands. At Night The Return does provide a lot of heavy sounding vocals and instrumentals, but they didn’t quite make it to the “over the top” level that fans tend to gravitate to. Overall, the EP is solid and it’s worth a listen to and the price tag, so pick it up!

Score: 3/5

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