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Assyria – Ardenti [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Deathcore

Assyria’s first single of 2014 is “Ardenti” and it’s a fucking banger of a song. The pace of the song is slow going, similar to what you would hear in a down tempo song, but there are some parts that are a lot faster than others. Instrumentally, it sticks to a guitar chugging type of sound for majority of the song, with the exception of a minor guitar solo in part of the song. There is also a massive breakdown near the end of the song. The vocals used are low screams and high screams, the former being used the most. The low screams are very, very low, raw, and sound like they have a lot of power behind them. The high screams are similar to the low screams in the sense that they are raw and powerful sounding. Overall, “Ardenti” is one hell of a deathcore song, and I recommend any deathcore fan to give it a listen!

Score: 4/5

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