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Ascend The Skies – Narcissist [REVIEW]

Genre: Old School Metalcore
Ascend The Skies’ new single “Narcissist” starts with a heavy tone right out of the door. High screams follow the introduction by Will, primarily high screams, then Will transitions into singing and layered screams. There is backing vocals by Joe and Matthew. The song keeps the same pace and sound for majority of the song, except at 2:00, at that time it takes a change of pace to emphasis Will’s screams and the lyrics of the song. Also it serves an opening to show the band’s instrumentals. 
This song is decent. It kind of reminds of how Bring Me The Horizon use to sound like, but with less breakdowns (no breakdowns found in this song). I’m usually a stickler for singing, but the singing in this song doesn’t take away from it nor does it really stand out. The song is only three minutes long, so if you have that much time to spare, you should give this song a listen.
Score: 3 / 5
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