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Armaros – Watchers [REVIEW]

Genre: Metalcore
Armaros’s debut album, Watchers, is seven tracks and about 20 minutes long.
The introduction track “Separation” starts out with a calming noise up until about 1:03 when singing starts to occur from a woman. The whole song is the combination of the two previous things; a calming noise and moderate singing.
“Sovereign” is the third song on this album, and it is similar to the introduction track. Another type of calm electronic noise, however with this track there is a man chanting over an organ being played. The whole song is consisted of those three things listed previously, so I assume this song is an interlude of sorts.
The sixth song on this album “Who Needs Enemies When You’ve Got A Friend Like Me” starts out in a normal metalcore fashion with guitar chugging and double-layered screams by Simon. The guitar chugging continues up until a breakdown at 1:10 in the song. At around 2:00 there are more electronic sounds that leads to a breakdown. The breakdown continues until the end of the song.
Overall, I think this album is very average metalcore. It does not bring anything new to the table, and I find that there are too many filler tracks to increase the length of the track list. If you’re a fan of A Word Alive, which Armaros sounds very similar to, then you will enjoy this album. 
Score: 2.5 / 5
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