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Arlia – Ozaru [REVIEW]

Genre: Blackened Deathcore
“Ozaru” is Arlia’s debut single into the metal scene. Right off the bat they start out with low screams, blast beats, and a guitar sound that you would typically hear in a deathcore/metalcore song. Not much goes on or changes up until 1:20, which at that time Shane’s vocals change to high screams, then a group chant, and pig squeals follow. Soon thereafter though, it goes right back to the same pace and sound it had previously. At 2:40 there is one of those, now popular, “BLEH” sounds heard, and a breakdown occurs which finishes out the song.
Instantly you can tell that the audio quality of this song is not great. It’s decent enough so you can tell what is going on, and what is being said but not much else. The vocals of Shane are decent as well, but they could be improved to be more clear. There really isn’t anything that stands out in this song, besides it being a normal deathcore song. Also, I would like to note, I couldn’t hear any “blackened” influence in this song. 
If you’re into regular deathcore then you should give this song a listen. Arlia sounds like a very watered down version of I Declare War.
Score: 3 / 5
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