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Archives of the Dreamer – Loveless [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Metalcore/Hardcore
Loveless was released in January of this year and is Archives of the Dreamer’s debut EP. The band consists of four members and hails from Muncie, IN. This EP has six songs and roughly 20 minutes worth of listening materials.
The second song is “Ultimatum” and it is four minutes and eight seconds long. The pace of the song is upbeat from beginning to end. It varies between a slow and fast pace throughout the song, but is always upbeat. The instrumentals used in the song are mostly the same guitar riffs, except there are some parts for guitar chugging and breakdowns. It is pretty straightforward with its sound. Elijah, the vocalist, keeps to low screams and high screams, but the low screams are the main scream used in the song. Both screams sound very raw. Also, there is a BLEGH thrown in near the end.
The following song is “Your Betrayal” and its the shortest song on the album with it being about three minutes long. Like the previous song, the pace of the song is upbeat and varies between fast and slow paces. The instrumentals stay about the same, but has more melodic and progressive elements (which I like a lot). Elijah’s vocals stay about the same as “Ultimatum” as well, except there is a bit more shout-screaming thrown in. 
Loveless is a solid sounding metalcore/hardcore album. Everything works well together throughout the entire album, though it sometimes does get stale with the lack of variety between the vocals, same with the instrumentals. Overall, it’s worth giving a listen to and picking it up for your own price on their Bandcamp.

Score: 2.5/5

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