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Antoinette – Set In Sand [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Progressive Metalcore / Post-Hardcore
Antoinette’s debut EP Set In Sand is a mixture of progressive metalcore and post-hardcore. The genre post-hardcore usually will turn people away from it, due to the more popular post-hardcore bands out there. Also, they turn away due to the clean vocals. This isn’t the case here, the cleans used are not ‘whiney’ sounding or overly high pitched. I recommend giving it a go, even if you’re not a post-hardcore fan.
The second song off of this album is “They Call Me Stringfellow” and it sticks to the progressive metalcore/djent sound and really doesn’t stray away from that. The pace of the song is really upbeat. Instrumentally it is progressive, with the exception for the parts in the chorus. Also there is a breakdown near the end of the song. Vocally, it sticks to mid screams and clean singing. The singing is used in the chorus, which fits well, while the screaming is used during the more ‘heavier’ portions of the song. There is some layered vocals near the end of the song, and it sounds okay.
The following song is “Without Family” and it sounds a bit more ‘heavier’ than “They Call Me Stringfellow” was. The sound of the song isn’t as progressive as the previous song. It has more of a technical metalcore sound. Instrumentally, it is a mix of progressive, technical, and guitar chugging. However, in some parts of the song it sounds similar to what was used in the previous song for the chorus sections. Vocally, it sticks to the same mold the other songs have; mid screams and clean singing. They don’t sound much different, but I cannot expect much variety when it comes to vocals.
The only thing really post-hardcore about this EP is the clean singing, which is used quite frequently within the album. However, the cleans are not poorly done and sound more ‘manly’ when compared to some post-hardcore bands out there. Other than that, it sticks to the progressive metalcore sound to a tee, with the exception of guitar chugging here and there. Overall, it’s a solid EP and it’s name your price on their Bandcamp page, so check it out!

Score: 3/5

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