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This will cover the updates coming for the website and the samplers! So, if this doesn’t concern you, feel free not to read! Also, there’ll be a TL;DR version at the bottom. 

Website Updates

1. The website will be moving to WordPress sometime between January and February. This is mostly because Blogger isn’t fun to work with when dealing with HTML/CSS, plus Blogger fails in comparison to WordPress in my opinion. I will announce ahead of time when the exact date will be, and the domain name will stay the same.

2. I will no longer be posting music downloads in 2014. I know this is mostly why you guys come onto the website, but it is no longer enjoyable (to me) to post downloads. It is repetitive and I prefer to spend my time working on interviews, reviews, etc; more “fun” things.

3. Interviews will be back in full-swing starting in 2014.

4. The website will focus on interviews, reviews, news, etc. I cannot give a definite number, but there’ll be at least four or more posts per day, so there will still be content to view when music downloads are gone.

Sampler Updates

1. There will no longer be samplers coming out on a monthly basis. The reason behind this is because, basically, not many people are downloading them. I am grateful for the people who do support them by downloading each every month, or even donate through purchasing it, but there isn’t enough downloads to continue to do them on a monthly basis.

1.1. Those who are curious about numbers for the samplers. I reach about 10,000 people per day with sampler posts alone, and I promote it twice a day for the whole month, every day (10K * 30/31). Out of that many people per month, roughly only 300 to 600 people download it every month, with the exception of May; which got 1K+ downloads.

2. With that being said, the will be only four samplers per year. One to come out when the new season begins. I am hoping with less samplers, and more chance for bands to get on each one, there will be a better download turnout. If not, I’ll try something new for 2015.

TL;DR Version
Website will be moving to WordPress between Jan and Feb; no more music downloads in ’14; site will be focused on news, reviews, interviews, etc in ’14; no more monthly samplers in ’14; there will be four samplers per year, one coming out when the season changes.

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