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An Unfinished Life – Expose My Demons [REVIEW]

Genre: Hardcore / Sludge
An Unfinished Life’s debut EP, Expose My Demons, is filled with old school hardcore from start to finish. It definitely reminds me of hardcore punk, which you don’t see all too often nowadays. The album is roughly 10 minutes in length and has five tracks. All the tracks barrage your ears with hardcore noise at a fast pace.
The second song on this album, “Grind,” starts off with guitars and drums blaring. The vocals come in quickly, they’re not really screams, they’re more like shouts than anything. They [the vocals] really tie the sound An Unfinished Life bring to the table. It is very in-your-face and fast kind of pace and sound. Most of the song there are guitar riffs being heard accompanying the drums in sync. Near the end of the song, the pace becomes slower and the guitars are very raw. 
“Mind, Made Fiction” is the fourth track on this album. Its sound is similar to “Grind;” however the pace is a lot slower than “Grind.” It is hard to describe really, because it reminds of something you would see in life in slow motion, like a train wreck or a car crash. It’s slowed down when viewed from a spectator’s perspective. This song is very raw, heavy, and slow. “Mind, Made Fiction” speeds up a bit at the end of the song to end it off.
I am usually not one for this type of music, but Expose My Demons is good. It definitely has the old school hardcore/hardcore punk sound to it, but it doesn’t sound like you’re listening to an old album. For the type of music An Unfinished Life is making, they’re making it right in my book. So if you’re into hardcore, old school hardcore, hardcore punk, sludge, etc. Then check out this album.

Score: 3.5/5

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