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An Act Of Treason – 1986 [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Deathcore / Metalcore
An Act Of Treason’s album 1986 is a combination of experimental and chaotic deathcore, and the regular chuggy-deathcore. From start to finish it is a relentless assault of chugging guitars, low and high screams, blast beats, and the like. There is always something going on for just about every minute for every song. 1986 has seven tracks and roughly 25 minutes worth of materials.
The second track off of 1986 is “Fall Of The Sky.” The pace of the song is very fast and upbeat. The overall sound of the song is more or less deathcore, with guitar chugging low and high screams, and some blast beats here and there. Also, there is some clean singing in the song but it is not overdone in the slightest. My favorite part of the song is from 1:40 to 2:06, this is because the song’s sound changes a bit and it becomes more chaotic, fast, and interesting to listen to.
“Voices” is the fifth song off of 1986. The sound of this song is what I loved about “Fall Of The Sky.” The sound of the song is chaotic, upbeat, and there is always something going on throughout the song. An Act Of Treason stray away from the typical guitar chugging deathcore sound in this song, which I really like. However, there is a breakdown at 1:40 to 1:48 which transitions back into the normal sound/pace of the song, with the addition of clean singing. The song is ended off with melodic guitar work.
1986 has two primary elements to it, the regular chuggy-deathcore sound and the chaotic, all over the place, sound. I think An Act Of Treason do both sounds very well, more so the latter. I definitely would recommend this to someone who was looking for those type of sounds, or wanting to listen to something “different.” So! If you’re into deathcore, or something more chaotic/experimental, you should check out An Act Of Treason and their album 1986!

Score: 3.5/5

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