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Albums You Should Buy, That You Might Not Have

There have been a dozen or new albums to release over the course of a few months, some of which, have might of been overlooked. In this post, I will try recover just a small amount of what released, either it big a band or a small one.

Links to where you can purchase the albums will be at the bottom of the post.

First off is Fallujah‘s Dreamless. It released back on April 29. It’s likely to be one of the best (and most sold) albums of 2016, hands down, just like The Flesh Prevails back in 2014. Same with Aborted‘s album Retrogore (which I also believe this is one of the albums you should absolutely pick up).

Following is The Room Colored Charlatan‘s album The Veil That Conceals on April 15th, via Subliminal Groove Records. Although it might do as well as bigger bands in sales, it brings some awesome progressive metalcore to their fans’ ears. The album follows their previous work, Primitives.

One of these albums flew underneath the radar in terms of popularity, and that’s The Zenith Passage‘s Solipsist. It was released back on April 18th. It’s a phenomenal album and brings technical death metal perfection. This is the band’s first full length to drop since their EP Cosmic Dissonance way back in 2013 (which is amazing as well).

The other album, which was long awaited and praised highly is Slice The Cake‘s Odyssey To The West, released back on April 1st-. This album, right here, was impatiently waited for by the STC die-hard fans since it was teased sometime in early 2015. It follows their EP Other Slices, and their full length The Man With No Face (which is a ten out of ten album, if there ever was one).

To wrap up this article, will be a re-release album, which is Ingested‘s re-release of Surpassing The Boundaries of Human Suffering. Thanks to the great people at Siege Music, they chose to reprint this album, which was sought after greatly when the band gained popularity with their EP release Revered By No One, Feared By All. At that time, if someone wanted to purchase Surpassing The Boundaries of Human Suffering physically, it went up and beyond $100 USD on eBay. Anyway, great album, great re-release, pick it up.

And lastly, an album not yet released but I know, will be great is Yuth Forever‘s Skeleton Youth Forever, which follows their highly praised 2015 release, Freudian Slip. The album is set to come out June, 2016.


Fallujah – Dreamless

The Room Colored Charlatan – The Veil That Conceals

The Zenith Passage –  Solipsist

Slice The Cake – Odyssey To The West

Ingested – Surpassing The Boundaries of Human Suffering

Yuth Forever – Skeleton Youth Forever

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