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Album Releases For May

In the first segment of albums that release throughout the month, I’ll be covering the ones for May. It is likely I missed a few here and there, but that’s to be expected. If your album dropped in May through iTunes, Google Play, Bandcamp, and the like, contact us now!

This’ll be short and sweet, so don’t worry.

Gift Giver – Shitlife. Buy: iTunes, Amazon, Century Media.

Eastern Poles – District Grimes. Buy: Bandcamp.

The Raven Autarchy – The Obscene Deliverance. Buy: Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify.
Mendel – Oblivion. Buy: Bandcamp, iTunes.

A Legacy Unwritten – Vanitati Mortem. Buy: Bandcamp.

Slaughter To Prevail – Chapters of Misery. Buy: Bandcamp, Big Cartel.

Alone In The Morgue – Alone In The Morgue. Buy: Bandcamp, Big Cartel.

Fragile Existence – Cataclysms And Beginnings. Buy: Bandcamp, Big Cartel, Amazon.

Make Them Suffer – Old Souls. Buy: MerchNOW, iTunes, Amazon.

That’s it! Make sure to pick those up!


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