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Al Goregrind – Reign Of The Darkside [REVIEW]

Genre: Grindcore / Death Metal
Al Goregrind’s July release Reign Of The Darkside is a combination of grindcore and death metal. Most of the songs on the EP are pretty short, in grindcore fashion. Reign Of The Darkside has five tracks and roughly 10 minutes worth of material. 
The second song on this EP is “Jedikiller” and it is the shortest song on this EP. It starts with guitar chugging and drums accompany it pretty quickly. The sound is a very raw and heavy. Henry’s vocals are mostly low screams and are very raspy and raw. There is a break in the song to put focus on blast beats… A lot of blast beats. It transitions back into it’s normal sound and continues until the end of the song.
“The Rule Of Two” is the fourth song on this album, and is the third shortest song on the album next to “He-Man vs. Shemale.” It starts out with the very raw and heavy death metal sound, like in “Jedikiller.” It is a little bit more technical with the guitar work. Henry’s vocals are roughly the same as they were on the “Jedikiller” as well. The pace of this song is a fast and non-stop, there is always something going on in every point of the song.
Reign Of The Darkside is an okay EP. I am usually not a fan of grindcore (simply can’t get into it), but this EP has a combination of grindcore and death metal; which I can get into. It is very fast paced, raw, and has that death metal sound/feel to it. I recommend you checking it out if you’re into a raw, heavy, and death metal EP.
Score: 3/5
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