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Acts of Tragedy – Cursed Words [REVIEW]

Genre: Groove / Technical Metalcore
Acts of Tragedy’s debut album, Cursed Words, is a high paced, in-your-face, barrage of metalcore with thrash metal influence. It doesn’t sound like typical metalcore, except for some parts in some of the songs. It has six songs and roughly 25 minutes worth of material.

“What Remains (Feat. Kevin Talley)” is the second song on this album. It starts out with a barrage of metalcore-y goodness. The pace is very upbeat and fast, and the screams used throughout the whole song are high screams. The vocals change, but it does not degrade the song in a way. It actually breathes some uniqueness to it, and I like it quite a bit. This song kind of reminds of some thrash metal with a mix of groove and metalcore. I would suggest you listening to this song first, before you judge Cursed Words.

The fifth song on Cursed Words is “What The Eye Sees” and it starts with a groove sound with the guitars, and the tone sounds like an old school thrash metal kind of guitar tone. This song is not as fast pace as “What Remains” was, this is due to small breaks in the song. High screams are primarily what is to be heard vocally through this song; however, there is some singing here and there. The difference of singing in this song and “What Remains” is that this singing is primarily in high notes and are very noticeable.
Cursed Words is something that definitely stands out from the metalcore community. It strays far from the standard sound metalcore bands use, as Acts of Tragedy incorporate thrash metal, groove, and some technical metal in their songs. Also the singing isn’t what you would typically hear in a metalcore band. If you are looking for something that sounds different, new, and fresh, I recommend you check out Cursed Words. (Also, it’s free to download, so you won’t lose anything by checking it out.)

Score: 4/5

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