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Abhorrent Vice – Quintessence of Hate [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Deathcore / Metalcore
Abhorrent Vice’s album Quintessence of Hate is a decent combination of deathcore and metalcore. It is spastic in rhythm, so it sounds like something is always going on throughout the songs. Also, it is fast paced, add this with the spastic aspect of it, it gives you a roller coaster ride of heavy music.
The second song off of Quintessence of Hate is “Permission to Untrusted.” It starts out with instrumentals but a guitar being the focal point. Vocals come in soon afterwards, mostly done in high screams. The pace in the song quickens, and the screams go into a more haphazard rhythm. The song transitions into a chuggy-deathcore sound that everyone loves, but it does go back to the haphazard rhythm it had previously. It transitions between those two sounds/paces (chuggy-deathcore and haphazard rhythm) throughout the whole song. There is a pig squeal at 1:53 which is followed by guitar chugging and instrumentals. 
“Young Pretty Dead” is a demo track and the last song off of Quintessence of Hate. It starts off with very raw and gritty guitar playing, and with drums playing in the background. Vocals quickly come in, which are high screams and a guttural/low scream combo. The pace and sound of this song is similar to “Permission to Untrusted” with it being fast, all over the place, and a guitar chugging sound sprinkled on top. The guttural/low scream combo is a nice touch to this song; however I think it could sound better. There is a guitar solo at 1:55 that goes up to 2:28 which then transitions back into a chuggy-deathcore sound.
Quintessence of Hate is a decent album. It has elements of different genres, except the regular deathcore sound, which I like. I do like the experimental-like rhythm they have in most of their songs, and that keeps me listening and not become bored. There is no slow parts in any of the songs, excluding the introduction, so that is a plus too. So… If you want to listen to some fast-paced deathcore, check out Abhorrent Vice and pick up their (free-to-download) album now!

Score: 3/5

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