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A Hitman’s Business – Prequel – Chaos In The Womb [REVIEW]

Genre: Deathcore / Death Metal
A Hitman’s Business’s newly released album, Prequel – Chaos In The Womb, is something you don’t want to look over if you are a deathcore fan. It has six tracks, roughly 15 minutes of material, and, in my opinion, one of the heaviest releases for 2013 thus far. The introduction track “The Beginning” is 40 seconds long, which is practically one long breakdown, filled with low screams and pig squeals by Jass. Following the introduction is “Economic Enslavement,” which really shows what A Hitman’s Business can bring to the table. A very raw deathcore sound, and is something that stands out from the rest of deathcore bands. It is filled with variations of screams and pig squeals by Jass, a lot of guitar chugging by MA and Vince, and of course great drum playing and bass playing by Nil and Maks.
“Nameless Abomination” is the sixth and final song on this album, and it starts off with a breakdown and pig squeals. It continues the pace the introduction had, and the others on the album, with the very heavy and raw sound, and is something that cannot be duplicated with ease. There is a breakdown at around 1:00 until 1:27, which definitely appeals to the breakdown enthusiast in me. This song has a different style of vocals from Jas, a more of a hardcore-feel, through a “talking scream” than the regular death metal/deathcore styled screams. Lastly, there is a pig squeal from 2:09 up until 2:23, and soon thereafter another big breakdown. 
To sum up this album, if you’re a fan of over-the-top breakdowns and prolonged brutal pig squeals, this is the album for you. This album is a fantastic example of what we (Pig Squeals And Breakdowns) loves the most. So if you’re like us, you’ll pick up this album.
Album Score: 5 / 5
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  • Anonymous on

    the last song title is nameless abomination 😛 not addiction.
    thx for the goos review

  • Anonymous on

    Good * review

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