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A Future Corrupt – Decay [REVIEW]

Genre: Deathcore
A Future Corrupt’s debut EP, Decay is roughly 15 minutes in length, has six songs, and is filled with deathcore-y goodness. This album is pretty relentless, there is only one song that is not filled with screams, guitar chugging, blast beats, and the like. I believe Decay is a great introduction into the deathcore scene by A Future Corrupt, and I hope their next release will be just as good, if not better. 
“Devious Plague” is the introduction track for this EP. It starts with a sample with an alert by a person speaking about a catastrophe, perhaps a zombie apocalypse? Then it breaks into a huge breakdown, and sounds very similar to what Chelsea Grin use to sound like. The third song on the album, “Reason To React” is one of my favorites. It starts with high screams by Ethan, a progressive guitar tone by Nick/Zach, and drums keeping up the heavy rhythm by Dillion. It keeps up the same pace it started with throughout the whole song, and it never slows down at all.
“Eradication” is the interlude of the song and is filled with rhythm guitar by Zach. It is has an eerie feel to it, kind of what you would hear in a black metal song. It is a nice break from the usual pace A Future Corrupt has. “Decay” the title track off the album follows Eradication, and could easily be considered their heaviest song on the EP. It breaks out with the same guitar sound/tone Reason To React had, but Ethan uses more low screams than high screams in this song. It is also has more major and minor breakdowns than some previous tracks. The song ends with an acoustic guitar playing.
This EP is a good addition to any deathcore lover library, as it is filled with everything you like in a deathcore band. If someone wanted to know what deathcore sounds like, you would show them this EP. It has a strong Chelsea Grin Desolation of Eden influence and feel to it definitely. The production and audio quality of this EP is great also. However, I think Ethan’s high screams could be improved, at least to be more clearer. Also this EP does not bring anything new to the table, though it’s not a bad EP, it just doesn’t have anything new that a deathcore band hasn’t already done. All in all, if you’re into old Chelsea Grin or deathcore, then I would pick this up.
Score: 3.5 / 5
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