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98th Terrace – I’m Not Saying This Song Is About Aliens (But This Song Is About Aliens) [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Nintendocore / Metalcore
98th Terrace’s single “I’m Not Saying This Song Is About Aliens (But This Song Is About Aliens)” is their second released single ever. It is to be noted early on that this was recorded in their garage, so the audio quality isn’t that great but the instrumentals and vocals can be heard, and be understand of what they are as you’re listening. This song has some nintendocore influence, which is mostly in the introduction of the song. But for the remainder of the song it has the usual metalcore sound. At the end of the song there is a small guitar solo to be heard. The vocals are decent, though the audio quality really makes them sound very pixelated sounding. The instrumentals are in the same boat as the vocals, once they reach a certain loudness, they become pixelated. I think with better recording equipment and production overall, 98th Terrace could have something better than this single.
Score: 2/5
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