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Live Interview With Summon The Destroyer!


Kevin caught up with death metal band Summon The Destroyer in Indianapolis, IN.

Some background on the band: Summon the Desroyer was formed in Indianapolis inn 2006 by Ryan Green(Amongst the Swarm, Year of Desolation) and vocalist Nate Bracey(Kata Sarka, Casque) in order to create challenging and brutal, technically inclined death metal. Recruiting long time friends, bassist Corey Clark(Christ Beheaded, Burn the Army) and guitarist Mike Morgan(Demiricous, Christ Beheaded), the group played several shows before recording their first full length “In Reverence to Sin” in early 2008. After sharing the stage with many excellent bands and re-tooling their sound into a faster, more dangerous machine, Summon the Destroyer began working on songs for their next release. The group invited drummer Don Curtis(Bulletwolf) and vocalist Brandon Howe(Primordium, Venality) to join, thus fully solidifying their line-up. Heavily influence by the early and mid-90s brutality of bands like Suffocation, Gorguts, and Morbid Angel, as well as the technical and progressive nature of classic acts like Death and Dismemberment, the band displays an unmatched determination to destroy.

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Track Review: Necronomicon – “Unification of the Four Pillars”


Necronomicon is releasing a new album, called Advent of the Human God, on March 25th (March 18th in Europe) and a single to give us a taste of what to expect. Just as one would expect from Necronomicon, “Unification of the Four Pillars” is blackened death metal sweetness with a hint of a symphonic element. Pre-orders are available on their website and you can listen to “Unification of the Four Pillars” here. Read more

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